Dagmar 41 goes to Longwhitecloudland

A long white cloud being made. By Pohutu, the Rotorua geyser.

You know, it just sounds better in Maori... 'Aotearoa'.

And before we get started: cheerfully no apologies offered for obscure references to fictional characters or excessive use of the Maori language - I'm learning it, dammit, and have done my best to annotate any rogue Maori words cropping up in the text. Franzi, you'll just have to live with it *smiles sweetly*

Look Mom, I'm not the only one who customises dolls! Lifesize dummy with carved Maori tattoo in Rotorua...

We-ell... the good news is that New Zealand is indeed a hell of a lot more interesting than Old Zealand (apologies to any Dutch reading this, but... really.)

The bad news is that I really want to go back there as soon as possible, and it's halfway around the bleeding globe!

So, until I find the time and money to get my second fix and see the other, oh, 90% of the country, and for the benefit of all those of you who've always wondered what would happen if I went to New Zealand, here's my annotated illustrated tour diary as kept on my trusty portable brain aka the Psion, complete with some random shots at photography. There is:

New Zealand Part The First - Getting to, and then around, Auckland
New Zealand Part The Second - A Bay full of Islands
New Zealand Part The Third - Smellytown, Lake Two, or Rotorua
New Zealand Part The Fourth - Windy Wellington
New Zealand Part The Fifth - Pram, Paprika and other places

You mean you really want to see the rest of the site too? All right then.