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We have a new album...

... and it's right here on this site!

*pauses for effect because she can hardly believe it herself*

Of course, in this day and age I'm handing out free mp3s because they're a damn sight easier to ship than CDs! Find Dagmar 41 Backtracks here, complete with lyrics, a cover you can print yourself, and my usual random song notes. Enjoy!

Shock Horror: Dagmar 41 Hits "Record" Again!

A mere five years after I last touched a mixing desk, and after two consecutive computer deaths (RIP, Computer Called Computer and Te Wairua) that left me with a set of unsalvageable half-finished song files and next to no inclination to start from srcatch, I have seen the light. And it's green, and blinking, and on my mixing desk.

You see, those files, despite what they claimed, weren't actually unsalvageable. But none of the geeks I know (and me neither, for all that I am an ex-system admin and therefore qualify for geekdom) would have thought that their apparent unsalvageability had anything to do with what the folder they were in (and remained in, through countless backups and restores) was called. I shake my head and embrace a bunch of unfinished songs that are little more than stereo piano tracks and bits of random (sometimes extremely random) MIDI with lyrics.

Of course by then Talia al Ghul, Te Wairua's more than worthy replacement in my PC corner, didn't even have a sound card, and finding a sound card that caters to musos rather than gamers is incredibly tricky these days, but lo and behold, she has one now, and after much swearing and blood loss I managed to get it to work too.

The upshot of which is: I'm going to finish those songs now. I can't promise, what with my other activities that have more or less taken over my life in the intervening five years, that there will be more than this one album, but there you are. The songs are the ones that were destined for the abandoned Dagmar 41 On Pirates and Body Parts album, though I think a rename is in order.

Seeing as my recording/production skillz are a little rusty and my instrument park is much diminished (Monty the bass guitar got sold to a young hopeful in the UK, and Magdalene the electric is currently being played by a colleague of mine), these songs will probably be closer to my four-track-tape roots than the relatively polished sounds of Unsailable. Also, since most of them are five to six years old, and I've spent most of these five to six years telling people why I couldn't get back into recording (no label, no voice, no thyroid, no files, you name it, I've had it), I think the whole collection more than deserves to be titled Dagmar 41 Backtracks.

And because this is the modern age, the album will be available as .mp3s from this here site, for free or for a voluntary donation. More details anon, but for now I will do what I haven't done in five years and spend the Easter weekend recording vocals.
No neighbours, you see. :)

I Am An Alien...

Yes, I realise I haven't updated this site in ages... I could of course claim that that's because I was abducted by aliens, but the truth is far more mundane: I've fallen headlong into Star Wars fandom and writing fiction. As a result of the latter, I don't do anything music-wise at the moment, and as a result of the former, I proudly present some barely recognisable pictures of me in my Episode III opening-night costume as alien Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

I've Had My Throat Slit!

And yes, I'm back on my feet already! *grin* In a concerted effort to regain my singing voice as well as my general health, I've had to have my thyroid gland snipped out of me. At the moment that means I'm sporting a Halloween-style scar (am thinking about just wearing something low-cut and writing 'yes, it's a real one' underneath), but in the nearish future that should mean that the voice will return. Now, if only I remembered how to operate all my recording equipment... :)

Address changes...

Yes, that's right - Dagmar41's finally been faked as the sender of a spam attack too! Apparently I've been trying to sell people generic Viagra, and under its real name of sildenafil citrate too - which of course tickles me in my incarnation as a chemist, but pisses me off majorly in that I now have to change all my domain-based e-mail boxes to avoid floods of 'message undeliverable's... *groan*

Anyway, looking on the bright side, the new ones are a bit more spam-proof - after all, I can count on you lot being humans with brains rather than bots and removing the asterisks from the addresses, right? Thought so. :)

Not quite the James Bond theme...

All right, so it may not be what you were expecting in terms of new Dagmar 41 music, but when have I ever managed to do what people were expecting, eh? This little baby grew out of my helping out an ex-boyfriend's friend with some electronic music based on cleaning noises. Yes, you've read that right. Cleaning noises. :)
The whole thing is a rather cute set of flash animation games for a local cleaning company... go and have fun shooting the squirt gun at Click on the bottom link named 'Spiel' to get to it...

Dagmar 41 Goes To Longwhitecloudland

Pssst... want some New Zealand? For the complete, unashamedly Maorified and quirkily illustrated travelogue of my recent trip there, follow me through here!

A Jedi In Seattle

Well, okay, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it as An American In Paris, and I wasn't even in Seattle for most of the time, but if you want some fun pictures (all courtesy of Doug Andersen and his wonderful digital camera) of my 2001 American holiday, go here!

A World Of Moulded Pulp Products

Here's my slightly surrealist tour diary for the early 2001 Peter Hammill tour. Serious fun!!

Touring & Gigs:

None planned in the immediate future, though if anyone needs a custom-made Jedi robe, I seem to have inadvertently started a trade in these. Made to measure from heavy, sturdy, and above all machine-washable cotton, dyed any colour you like (yes, I do brown too... spoil-sports! :), just drop me a line.

As usual, if you'd like to be notified by e-mail about any future concerts or releases,

contact me!

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