Dagmar 41 Backtracks, was: Dagmar 41 On Pirates And Body Parts

Yep, that's what the cover should have looked like - and before you ask, no I don't have an eye-patch fetish... it's just a damn handy thing to have around if you're susceptible to conjunctivitis, or being chatted up by drunkards on the tube, and probably the only medical implement that gives you an air of scariness...

...all of which suits me of course! :)

And before the more graphically-minded of you ask - no, I haven't yet found a plugin to get Photoshop to turn portraits into anime characters - this one was done by hand using the trusty old animators' film and a waterproof pen!

The album itself is still being written as we speak, some of the music is recorded already, but only one piece is thoroughly finished so far, and that's only a minute long :)

The Song titles:

All The Yellow Stars
Milonga There
Tense Battleships
Preparing An Abduction
Scene D'Enfance
Scene D'Enfance II
Scene D'Enfance III
La Canción the Ermengildo Quijón
Jaques Said
The King's Privy Council

And one which is still in search of a decent title but most definitely has a chorus to die for :)