The 41

Hating candied ginger sticks may be satisfying for one evening, but a fulfilling option for life it ain't... hence, Dagmar 41 decided to take up music, at first as a member of assorted bands with decidedly silly names such as DeLuge, Antiques With an M, Hobson's Choice, Meredith, and even Zygmond's Watercress, and finally solo under her assumed name of Dagmar 41, given to her by a kindly and forgetful soul by the name of Diane Ward who found it easier to remember Dagmar's phonetically unfamiliar Christian name by mnemotechnically (yep!) linking it to the old Jethro Tull tune, Dharma For One.

And it's been like that ever since, though various attempts at legally adopting the name failed due to unexpected German laws about the nature of names. Hey, it's probably the world's only illegal name as it is! As for meaning, Dagmar 41 suspects her name is Old Danish for "does-several-things-at-the-same-time", as she's currently juggling the lives of a chemistry teacher at university level, research fellow in Bloody Recent English Studies (viz. a PhD on the song lyrics of one Peter Hammill), clothes designer, label boss, Resident Punctuation & Translation Engine, press officer for a bunch of brilliant but ramshackle Mainz musicians, explosion assistant, and serial e-mailer.

She hardly finds the time to listen to music these days, but her favourites include Peter Hammill (natch), An Pierle, Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, Jacques Brel, and anything her friends Rob Gozon, Jan Kleinschnieder and Tobi Jung put out...

Reading is still very much in evidence, as it can be done at bedtime without waking up the neighbours - she adores Georges Perec (opining that every 17-year-old slacker ought to be made to read A Man Asleep) and Michael Ende as well as Borges, Banks and Pratchett. Current favourite, though, is Stefan Verhülsdonk's second book of short stories, Tiefer Als Der Keller!

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