Available Light

Available Light is a CD-R of recent live takes. As the title suggests, these are mostly audience recordings, ie. bootleg quality, but certainly listenable and strongly indicative of what she sounds like live.
Track list:

As is evident from this set list, most of these songs are older, pre-"Ferric" ones that have become Dagmar's live standards... two notable exceptions: Henry Lee is the traditional tune made semi-famous by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, presented here in a rollercoaster piano version, and The Unconscious Life is the Peter Hammill song, played on the spur of the moment and included here by kind permission from the man himself.

"Some of these are fair documentaries of older songs, some are perfectly cinematic in their own right. All were shot (hit and missed!) with available light." (liner notes)

Available from Dagmar with a hand-written cover at a price of 5 including p&p within Europe. Americans, Australians and Germans please mail Dagmar (and snip out the asterisks :) for price quotation since tariffs change on an almost daily basis! :)

For your entertainment: mp3's!

Not Argentinian: trusty and time-honoured opener, recorded a the ESG church with attendant reverb and grand piano... and the paper-eater in the lyric was my sister!

A short snippet from The Unconscious Life: this is the shouty, and predictably Hammillian, bit... for the aching beauty of the rest, get the album...